© photo: Julien Gremaud

Marc Méan - Piano

Jesper Thorn - Doublebass

Mads Emil Nielsen - Drum

These three musicians met while studying at the jazz conservatory of Copenhagen.
A piano, bass and drums, a pretty common combo, yet these three musicians have developed a variant of the trio on their own.
Through the sensitivity and talent of each member, the trio found originality, cohesion and openness. Their music stands out by its collective consciousness and a constant risk-taking.

Jesper Thorn

Jesper Thorn is born in 1981, and is currently studying for his Master Degree at the Jazz Conservatory in Copenhagen.
He has won the competition “Young Nordic Jazz Comets” with the quartet Refraction, and he participated in GEXTO Jazz competition 2008 in Bilbao with the quintet Flux, where he won the prize for best soloist.
In 2009 he was granted the prestigious danish Jacob Gade Scholarship.
He has studied with Marc Johnson, Arild Andersen, Anders Jormin a.m.o., and he has played and toured in Norway, Germany, Spain, USA, Netherlands, Luxemburg and  Belgium.

Mads Emil Nielsen

Mads Emil Nielsen is born in 1989. He started playing drums and classical percussion when he was 12 years old and is currently studying at the Jazz Conservatory of Copenhagen. He began experimenting with sound and electronics when he was 18, and now runs the ambient electronica / impro project GRAF with simon walsøe as well as own electronic project.
He has been representing the conservatory with concerts and masterclasses 
in Sct. Petersburg and Vietnam, last mentioned in trio format with british pianist Django Bates.
He has been studying with drummers Stefan Pasborg, Morten Lund, Kresten Osgood, Jonas Johansen a.o.
At the moment Mads Emil Nielsen is focusing a lot on alternative use of the drum set, live sampling and fully improvised playing.

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